The Current Stable...  October 25, 2012.  Some for sale, but mostly not.  At least not until something more 'interesting' comes along and I need the space!

Front row in front of the drum set..  left to right:  a bass guitar I haven't mastered yet!,  a 12-bass accordion,  the famous Conn 4V 'Frankenhelicon',  Miraphone 1291 5V with Matt Dillon AGR and fifth valve tuned to 2-3 combination,  Marzan 'Solo' (Willson-made),  King 'pit model'.

Clock-wise from left to right starting behind the bass guitar:  King 'Liberty' trumpet (in case),  Olds 'Mendez' trumpet (in case),  Marzan piston tuba,  Marzan 'slant-rotor' tuba,  Buescher double-belled euphonium,  Conn 28K (4V Eb) sousaphone,  custom BBb cimbasso,  Devil's Fiddle (behind cimbasso), Olds euphonium (inside bag),  Linton contra-bass clarinet (behind Olds euph), King 1241 BBb (updated to 2341 configuration),  King 'trombonium' (with bell peeking over floor tom, Conn 48K 'Jumbo' 4V sousaphone, Selmer 'Signet' commode-O-phone, and at the far right in back...  a Holton 'short-action' sousaphone.




The below image is from 2009.  Some gone....  some still here.

On the back row left to right:  Holton 'short-action' sousaphone,  Conn 'Jumbo' sousaphone,  my 'frankenhelicon' made from two 36K sousa valve sections and misc. bell parts.

Beginning at my far right:  a modified King 2341 (first slide moved to the top and the 3rd wrap opened up),  below it is a Buescher double-belled euphonium,  next to it is a Bohm & Meinl-built Marzan BBb piston tuba,  in front of it is a hand-built (by me) cimbasso in BBb consisting of an Eb Miraphone valve section (highly modified) and loads of straight-bore tubing.  Next, is me holding my Bohm & Meinl-built Marzan 'slant-rotor' BBb tuba...  my favorite for concert work.  Then to my left is a very early 1900's Ceveny 'kaiser' tuba...  .820" bore and 19 1/2" bell.  The two DB euphoniums are part of a family of five of them.  Sorry about the sweatsuit but this job doesn't pay enough for me to put on the tux!

Here's a brand new addition.  Below is a Conn 'Jumbo' 4-valve sousa to keep the 3V in the above picture company!

The image below gives you a bit better idea of the size of the Conn 'Jumbo'.  Please note that the player (me) is 6' and 240 pounds!  Take a gander at the base of the bell in comparison to my head!  Even though the bell is a mere 28", this is a massive horn.

The whole sousa 'family' is pictured below...  from left:  4V Jumbo, 3V Jumbo, Holton 'short-action', and the 4V 'Frankenhelicon.  I have a few dents to take out of the newly-acquired 4V Jumbo, and a little work to do to the bottom bow guards.  But...  ain't it a nice looking family?



Below is what the 'stable' looked like on July 22, 2006.  The only horns that remain from this picture is the 'frankenhelicon' at the right rear and the Marzan piston BBb.  ...  and the bell's been modified on the 'frankenhelicon'. 

This was 'the collection' on July 22, 2006.  Things have changed quite a bit since the picture was taken.  I no longer have the Conn 21J, the Meinl 25, or the Carl Wunderlich BBb.  A few horns have been sold and traded and replaced by an Olds 4V BBb, a Mirafone 186 5 rotor BBb, and some other 'odds & ends'.  From left to right...  Conn 21J with upright bell,  Meinl 25 BBb 4 rotor,  Marzan BBb 4 piston (B & M model), an old German rotary flugelhorn,  Couesnon Eb,  Mirafone BBb 4 rotor bell-front,  Conn Eb stencil,  a Conn/Olds Eb 'frankenhelicon',  Carl Wunderlich BBb 4 rotor (B & S stencil),  King 4 piston Eb bell-front,  Couesnon BBb 3 piston,  Conn 36K sousa**,  and a Conn 14K (with added 4th piston) 'frankenhelicon'.  I keep the bagpipes around to irritate the neighborhood dogs.  The gadget in the corner is common referred to as a 'stump fiddle'.  I don't have a clue what make the trombone on the wall is. 


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