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Tubas & Stuff for Sale


Marzan 'slant-rotor' 4V BBb tuba...  Raw brass and dent free.  Original string linkages that operate VERY well and have my signature 'improvements' that adds support to the string arms to eliminate the need to have the strings overly tight.  No case.  $3,500. 

Marzan 'slant-rotor' 4V CC tuba...  Ninety percent original lacquer.  Original string linkages that operate VERY well and have my signature 'improvements' that adds support to the string arms to eliminate the need to have the strings overly tight.  No case.  $3,500. 

Two B & S/VMI model 101 tubas...  BBb with four rotors.  One is not engraved.  One is engraved 'Sonora'.  These horns play very well.  Raw brass.  No cases.  Reduced to $1,850 each.

Karl Zeiss BBb four rotor tuba...   Dent free and in raw brass.  I finished assembling this one the end of October and have had a chance to play it in several rehearsals.  Great horn for a student, seasoned amateur, or working professional.  No case.  $1,850.

Holton 'short-action' BBb sousaphone...  Yes...  Holton made a short action sousaphone to compete with the Conn 20K but dropped it after just a few years of production.  In my opinion...  the Holton plays as well as the Conn variety but I suppose there just wasn't enough business for everyone.  The two sousas are nearly identical in size.  In fact....   the bells will interchange!  This horns has most of its lacquer but there is no case.  Neck and bits included.  $2,500.

Holton 'raincatcher' BBb sousaphone...  In silver with brand new Anderson valve rebuild.  Some reconstruction on the bottom of the main bows due to improper storage apparently for decades.  The bows are patched and epoxy-coated on the inside and will last another hundred years!  No case.   $2,850.






Trumpets, cornets, & flugelhorns



Antoine Cortois - Paris model 154 Bb flugelhorn serial number 2019X...  lacquered brass.  Near mint condition.  Includes original mouthpiece and case.  Reduced to $1,300. 


Bundy (Bach-Selmer-Elkhart) Bb ML trumpet serial number 4731XX...  Very good condition.  Great starter instrument for student or come-back player.  $300.


Yamaha YCR-231S serial number 0157XX...  Silver and some raw brass.  No dents or other damage. Not especially pretty but a very good player with a usable case.  Perfect starter horn for a student or for a seasoned player for that matter.  $250.


EK Blessing 'Standard' Elkhart cornet serial number 835XX...  Very near new condition with great original case.  This would be a extraordinary 'find' for a come-back player seeking a horn like they played in school!  $300.





Oliver Ditson (Not Diston) valve trombone...  Marketed by the Ditson Publishing Company probably sometime around 1880.  This is definitely pre-1900.  It's in amazing condition for it's age.  The valves are in very good shape.  Nice engraving on the bell.  Some evidence of repairs but in overall great playing condition.  This would be a good addition to a turn-of-the-century period band.  $1,000




Buescher double-belled euphonium.  Three valves plus one valve to change from one bell to the other.  Forward facing (fixed) large bell.  The small bell is upright.  Although the small bell is not original, the tibre is correct for a DB euph.  The horn is silver and is in good condition.  Ready to play.  $1,500


Distin double-belled euphonium.  Four valves plus the fifth change valve to switch bells.  New Anderson valve rebuild (all five valves).  The small bell is not original but matches the horn well.  The horn is silver and the ferrules and bow guards are full engraved in the typical Distin fashion.  $1,500


Misc. other stuff for sale


Not much 'misc.' stuff to offer at the moment.  'Back to school' has pretty much cleaned my shelves!


All of my horns have been play tested and are in good condition.  

Mouthpieces are not included unless stated.  

I've found that many students like to 'personalize' their horns by purchasing their own lightweight gig bags so I generally don't included cases with my instruments unless indicated. 

These instruments are in Newburgh, Indiana.  Freight from my shop to your door is your responsibility but I've found that Greyhound Package Express is by far the most reliable of all the freight services.  Tubas can be usually be shipped anywhere in the US for about $75.  

Satisfaction guaranteed 

Note that unless otherwise noted, the horns that I offer for sale are 'play conditioned' and are offered without a warranty.  If the instrument you buy does not perform as specified you can return it within two weeks as long as it is in the same condition as it was sent and you pay the freight each way plus any transaction charges such as PayPal or bank transfer fees.


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regarding any of the above instruments.

I have instruments coming and going all the time.  

If you don't see what you are looking for please email me your requests


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