DEG M875 marching tuba conversion to concert configuration

I forgot to take any 'before' pictures and the grainy image above is the only one I could find on The Web.  You get the idea...   The 'Dynasty' M875 is a 'shoulder fired' 5/4 marching tuba popularized by drum and bugle corps.  Some high schools are using them but here in the midwest, the trend seems to be shifting back to using sousaphones in marching bands.

I 'fiddled' with the idea of converting a GG contra a while back but ended up selling it to a 'geezer' drum corps.  Had I kept the horn, I would have cut it to a BBb and changed it to a concert tuba.


The above images show how the valve section was 'flipped' and reconfigured.  A new leadpipe was bent and installed.  All of the parts were re-used except for the marching leadpipe and a short transition into the main tuning slide.  The main tuning slide was not altered and remains on the back of the horn.  The slide at the bottom on front is one of two 4th tuning slides.  Tuning slides one through four are easy to access at the top.  The only piece that I had to provide other than the original DEG parts is the branch into the small side of the main tuning slide.  It is a retapered crook from a Miraphone 186.

The cost for the conversion was a fraction of the cost of a new concert tuba.  Intonation is good.  Timbre is what you would expect from a 5/4 tuba with a .730" bore!

Here a couple more shots of the horn:



Page created on June 27, 2012