A little about 'The Village Tinker'

Dan Schultz spent over 30 years in the field of factory automation and manufacturing engineering and decided in 2003 to combine his practical experience with his hobby and become a full-time brass repairman.  He and his wife, Terri (a saxophone player) are the founders of The Old Dam Community Band in Newburgh.  Dan is a past chairman of The Society of Manufacturing Engineers - chapter 073 in Evansville, Indiana ...  and a co-founder of the IVY Tech Student Robotics Challenge that takes place in the spring and fall at the Evansville campus of IVY Tech.  Dan started playing the tuba in grade school in 1956 and currently plays with these groups:

The Old Dam Community Band (concert band)

The Little Old Dam Band (Dixieland ensemble)


The Rhine Valley Brass Band (German band).  Picture on left was taken at Bad Iberg, Germany.  Picture on right was taken on the Rathouse steps in Rothenburg, Germany.





The Hadi Shrine Band (concert band)