Rudolf Meinl 5/4

I've been lusting for a Rudolf Mein 5/4 BBb tuba for a while and when this one came up for sale I just had to grab it.  I'm not quite sure if I'll be doing any modifications to if.  I have to put in some serious 'play time' before I decide to do any additional work.  So far, the only things I've done are fix a wobbly mouthpiece fit into the receiver, change the rotor springs, and replace the bumpers with silicone cord.  The REALLY nice thing is that the horn fits in my UniTec case!  NO room to spare. But...  it fits!  Rumors have it that the horn was made in the late 70's or early 80's.  It's hard to say because there is no serial number...  only the various features to give clues as to the vintage.  Take a look at the following images and let me know what you think.


The bell is 20", the bore is .868", and the overall length is 42".  I understand that it is a bit unusual for a 'Rudy' to have a bell garland.



The thumb ring and backing plate (above) may provide some clue as to the vintage of this horn.  The brace between the main tuning slide and the bottom bow (below) may also be an indicator.  Also...  the style of spherical connector (below) are the same style as other Meinl tubas of the 70's


If you are a Rudy owner or can provide me with the approximate age of the horn...  please email me at


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